There is an app for everything these days. Want to engage passive talent? Need something to monitor and manage your social media accounts? We have compiled a list of apps that recruiters may find useful when recruiting candidates and managing clients.


Job candidates have turned to social media to research potential jobs, so it is essential that recruiters start adopting social tools and manage their brand on social media. HootSuite is a great app to monitor, control and schedule content for your social media streams. You can add up to 3 social media profiles and there are geotagging capabilities to reach target audiences in specific locations.


One of the best apps to help you plan and stay organised is Wunderlist.  You can create lists of every position you need to recruit for the next couple of months and set deadlines and reminders for all your roles. Wunderlist also allows you to sync your data to your tablet, computer and phone so you can access your lists and tasks from anywhere anytime.

LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn is the primary source to find candidates. LinkedIn recruiter is a quick and easier way to connect with candidates and allows you to save prospects to project folders or share them with hiring managers. You can view InMails, send quick notes or conduct a quick profile search. Great for on the go recruiting.


This app allows you to put all your contacts in one place. You can import contacts from your phone, Google, social media to get a complete view of all your contacts. If you want to stay fully connected and master your contacts FullContact is the app to try and it is available on mobile and desktops.


Make sure your job adverts and emails aren't littered with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes with Grammarly. It's a brilliant browser extension that helps you write mistake free anywhere you write on the web, Grammarly will underscore and tell you the best way to correct your mistakes.


WhatsApp currently has 1.2 billion active monthly users and it's great if you are recruiting globally because it provides a free and reliable stream of communication between you and your clients and candidates. Another way Whatsapp is useful is the group message feature. If you have a lot of contractors, you could create a group on the app which will allow you to communicate important information quickly without having to write multiple emails.

Survey Monkey

If you have a high volume of inbound applications, you can use Survey Monkey. a free online survey software to screen candidates. You can ask the relevant questions about work visas, qualifications and salary expectations. It saves you a lot of time when you have to compile a shortlist for the hiring manager.


Spotify is great for those times where you just need to get your head down and concentrate. Create inspiring music playlists and listen to them on-demand.

Which other apps would you recommend?

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