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Do developers need project management skills?

There are many benefits when developers take an active role in the management of an overall project. They will have a better sense of how long each process will take and their contribution to the entire project. If you want to become a well-rounded developer here are some beneficial project management skills you should have.

Project scheduling & estimation

In project management time scheduling is the collection of techniques used to develop and present schedules that show when work is performed. Estimation is a critical part of project planning and involves the estimate of project, costs, and duration. It’s important to get this right for the production team. The estimation triggers many other teams to perform their tasks on the project and can be used to measure target success.

Problem solving

The process of problem solving is traditionally divided into four steps: understand the problem, devise the plan, implement the solution, verify the results. It’s important that team treat problem solving as a skill to be strengthened.


Communication is key for workflow. Having interpersonal skills such as the ability to maintain clear team communication and having succinct communication about object deliverable and expectations.


Not all developers are good at writing and maintaining documentation. Too often it’s not part of the team’s workflow and it should be. Documentation doesn’t necessarily have to be in the traditional-type documents style. Today’s project teams make use of wikis, enterprise social tools and online project management tools.

Risk Management

Risk management is a skill that is most effective when distributed among team members. The key to distributing risk management across teams is to make each individual team member accountable and to potential explain risks in their project tasks to the rest of the members working on the project.

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