6 Way to Revamp Your Job Search This Year

The traditional ways of job searching don’t work anymore. It’s time to revamp your job search. But how? Check out this list of tips we have to help you optimise your job hunt!

Make the most of social media

Don’t just stick to LinkedIn, get on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Get your personal brand out there. Potential employees could be on the networks you least suspect them to be on, so social media is a great place to network and communicate with them.

Employers may Google your name to see more about you, so it’s always good to make sure that social media profiles are a 100% complete, delete comments or photos that reflect poorly on you. And use your social platforms to show off your knowledge about the industry you work in/want to work in.

Change up your search terms

Not all jobs tied to one degree or qualification, many involve skills across a wide range of areas. Try seeing what exists when you search some of your skills, rather than searching for open positions with your job title.

Give yourself a break

If you had a full-time job you wouldn’t be working 7 days a week non stop, bare this in mind when you’re job hunting. You need to take time off to refresh your mind and concentrate on other things. Approaching your job search like you would a Monday to Friday job will stop you from burning out and feeling stressed. Keep your life well rounded and make yourself a priority.


Go to conferences or events related to your industry. It is a great way to meet new people and discover new positions that you may be suitable for.

Create measurable goals

Set firm goals and stayed disciplined.  Make sure you are focusing on high-impact efforts like networking versus job board submissions. Keep a record of your efforts so if an employer calls, you can quickly determine when and how they were contacted. But also remember to celebrate the little wins. Grab lunch with a friend to celebrate getting an interview, or treat yourself to some ice cream when you make a great new connection.

Register with a recruitment agency

Recruitment consultants know the market and very often they will hear about jobs before they are advertised. They can also help you polish your cv, give you some interview tactics and you will have someone promoting you to hiring managers, and its free!

If you work in the technology industry and are considering registering with a recruitment industry to help you revamp your job search give us a call on 0117 927 6592. You can also check out our latest vacancies here and contact one of our recruitment consultants directly.

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