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Practical examples of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (MI) are two technologies that are changing the competitive landscape in the technology industry.

Here we have compiled a list of awesome examples of AI and MI in practice.


AI-enables chatbots have become a crucial part of sales and customer services. Chatbots are bringing a new way for businesses to communicate to the world. Artificial intelligence has transformed the functionalities and technologies of chatbots. AI-powered machine learning algorithms have provided the ability to learn and mimic human conversation. A great example of this is the Sephora Chatbot on Kik. Users are asked a few key details about themselves through a quiz. Then they can browse products and get personalised beauty tips and recommendations just like a real sales associate. Users also have access to deals and they can make purchases without leaving the app.

Curated Timelines

Twitter now allows users to sort tweets by publication time or by popularity. This is driven by Twitter’s machine learning technology. Artificial intelligence analyses each tweet in real-time and evaluates it according to various metrics. The algorithms display content that is likely to get the most engagement and this is determined on an individual basis as Twitter’s machine learning technologies make decisions based on individual user’s preferences.

Image recognition

Image recognition is one of the most significant examples of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is an approach for identifying and detaching a feature in a digital image. This technique can be used for further analysis such as face detection, face recognition, optical character recognition etc.

Email and Spam filtering

To classify email and filter the spam in an automatic way machine learning is used. There are many techniques, for example, multi-layer perception, is one of the approaches used to filter the spam.

Google AI

Using anonymised data from smartphones, Google Maps’ AI can analyse the speed of movement of traffic at any time. Access to various amounts of data being processed to it’s proprietary algorithms means that Google Maps can reduce commutes by suggesting fastest routes

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